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Is a Sweeps Casino a Gamble Casino?

BySean Cook

Dec 8, 2021

If you ask anyone in the sweepstakes online casino business, you’ll get the same answer — no, a sweep’s casino is not a gambling site. The entire sweepstakes business is trying very hard to keep itself separate from gambling.


Because the main point of sweepstakes casinos is for them not to be associated with gambling casinos but to offer a similar experience. This is mostly due to legal purposes, but we’ll have to elaborate more on what sweeps casinos actually are to make things clearer.

What Is a Sweepstakes Casino?

The basic premise behind a sweeps casino is that it resembles the genuine online casino experience without being constituted as gambling. Online casinos are largely illegal in the United States, while sweepstakes are legal in 49 states and Canada. Only Washington state has deemed these casinos illegal.

The catch behind these casinos is that players can’t use real money to gamble. In most cases, they use virtual currencies.

Every sweepstakes casino uses two types of virtual currency:

  • Sweepstakes cash or coins — Players purchase this currency and use it to play various slots, table games, poker, and every other game on offer. They can also use this cash and the winnings to claim prizes, including real money prizes.
  • Gold coins — This currency has no actual monetary value. You get to use it for all other social features of the casino, like advancing your status and claiming various awards. However, you can’t exchange it for sweeps coins or real money.

So, through this intricate system of two types of virtual currencies and the lack of an option to use real money directly for gambling, sweepstakes casinos don’t constitute gambling in legal terms.

In other words, a sweeps casino cannot be a gamble casino in any way — but you can still earn real money by playing in it, making it a perfect substitution for real money online casinos.

Why Join a Sweeps Casino?

If you are a US-based online casino player, you know how difficult it can be to find an excellent online casino. Most states find them illegal, so you have to resort to offshore casinos that are not always targeted at Americans or are simply not as high-quality as you want them to be.

But sweepstakes casinos don’t suffer from this problem. They are perfectly legal, so you can easily find them in the US. They also hold notable licenses and are consequently held to high standards.

Even though you don’t earn real money directly, you can still make regular cash deposits, buy sweeps cash, and use it to play casino games. Then you can exchange most of your winnings for cash or other prizes.

That way, you get the same experience without the hustle and bustle of finding an offshore gamble casino and worrying about regulations and laws.

Sweeps casinos feature various games, but the differences are primarily visual, while the gameplay is still the same.

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